Watch the Official Wishbone Dog Leash Video!
See the Wishbone Leash in action and how it will work for you and your family.
With easy clip on and off mini kid leashes, this dog leash is a must have if you have little ones!

Wishbone Dog Leash is a lifesaver walking your dog around your local neighborhood streets. Even crossing the street can be a breeze! No more temper tantrums over walking the dog either. We got you covered. Walking the dog never felt so easy! Keep your dog and children safe all together. You will be the talk of the town with this leash. Give the child the feel of walking the dog, but keeps you in charge.

Safety is our #1 concern. Wishbone Dog Leash was developed out of a need.

Made in USA. Proudly born in NYC. See how Wishbone Dog Leash can work for you!

Wishbone Dog Leash comes in the cutest dog leash patterns. Great for a gift for grandkids, or shower gift.
Perfect for that special dog lover.